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Our Success Rate

In FY 2018, participants in the Skills For Success program reported:

0 %
Becoming an effective advocate for myself
0 %
Feeling worthwhile as a person
0 %
Staying drug and alcohol free
0 %
Managing anger and stress
0 %
Developing and maintaining positive relationships


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Our Skills for Success curriculum is an expanded life skills program for developing basic self esteem and other essential personal skills. Topics include setting and achieving goals, positive communication, effective parenting, leadership skills, learning how to work successfully with others, and sustaining accountability. Learn more about or order your full curriculum now!


Keeping it Real: a Nutrition, Wellness and Self-Esteem Program for Women in Recovery and Their Families  was created to support women in recovery by providing the knowledge and tools necessary to create and maintain optimal health and well-being. Order this curriculum today!


Job Readiness Program for Women in Transitional Programs

This six-hour program build’s women’s confidence, assertiveness, leadership, integrity and interpersonal skills using a strength-based approach; preparing women to bridge the gap from shelters and transitional programs to education/training and the job search process. Order the program today!

*These materials are for educational and informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Self Esteem Boston makes no representations regarding the results of following the program set out in these materials.