Our programs are life changing from the inside out!

While most agencies provide people with strategies and tools to move forward, people often seem overwhelmed and are unable to take action. What’s missing? They may not feel that they are worthy of having a better life or maybe they are unable to face life’s challenges.

Self Esteem Boston helps people work on improving their lives from the inside out. Our training programs, train the trainer programs, workshops and seminars teach people that healthy self-esteem is the foundation for success in life and achieving life balance.

Self Esteem Boston's programs are vital to a wide variety of health, educational and skill development programs such as job readiness programs, substance abuse recovery, pre-release programs, domestic violence shelter and transitional living programs, shelters and transitional programs, human service programs, and public health programs.

Clients in a program

for Community Agencies

Reduce recidivism and relapse with innovative life skills curriculum that teach clients how to: 

  • Increase self esteem
  • Take control of their lives
  • Handle life’s challenges effectively
  • Increase their feelings of self worth
  • Be confident in yourself

Group of SEB staff

STAFF TRAINING PROGRAMS for Community Agencies

Motivate your staff with dynamic, interactive professional development programs and continuing education that teach employees how to:

  • Build self confidence
  • Manage workplace stress
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve team-building and conflict resolution skills


A professional development institute, Self Esteem  Boston offers onsite training and programs to help build self-esteem. 







We work with Human Services Agencies and  Substance Abuse Recovery Programs.



Self Esteem Boston is a PRF 61 Training Vendor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Attend an in-person training
  • Schedule a training for your staff


Our curriculum is available worldwide for purchase online!


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Help us help more women.

Self Esteem Boston’s mission is to change people's lives from the inside out by raising their self-esteem.
For over 25 years, our agency has helped over 85,000 service providers, individuals and families build their Self-Esteem and essential life skills as a foundation for building healthy relationships and job readiness.

"I leave this experience with critical skills to assess my own self-esteem and assist others...
and a knowledge base to add to my professional skill set."

-- Lynne Tyree, Dept. Human Service, Cambridge, MA.

What's Up With Self Esteem Boston?

There’s always plenty to celebrate within our organization. Check out some of the latest news and impact stories from our partners from across the Greater Boston and New England region.

Self Esteem Online Course and Curriculum Store for Human Service Agencies is Now Available!

Self Esteem Boston’s training online courses are available on your computer or mobile device, making your education with us enjoyable, easy, and meaningful. We can get to work alongside you.