Self-Esteem Online Learning Center

Now agencies and individuals from across the United States can purchase access to the Self-Esteem Online Learning Center for their client of themselves.

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To access our ONLINE LEARNING CENTER, login below. 

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With the launch of the Self-Esteem Online Learning Center, six of our most transformative courses are now available in an interactive, video-based format.

Agencies or Individuals who enter into the Online Learning Center will receive access to:

  • Six of Self-Esteem Boston’s Courses in Online Format
  • Certificates Showing Proof of Each Course Completed
  • Ability To Respond With Input Via Online Surveys
  • Continued Access to Repeat Programming as Wanted

Self Esteem Boston’s programs have become important to a wide variety of health, educational and skill development programs such as job readiness programs, substance abuse recovery, prerelease programs, domestic violence shelter and transitional living programs, shelters and transitional programs, human service programs, and public health programs. It is our belief that all of these programs are our potential partners.


Our Online Learning Center now 

provides Agency access.

Personal use

Our Online Learning Center now provides 

single user access.

*These materials are for educational and informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Self Esteem Boston makes no representations regarding the results of following the program set out in these materials.

By purchasing access to the Self Esteem Boston Online Learning Center, you acknowledge understanding that no refund or return will be credited to you before or after usage of our resources. Self Esteem Boston is not able to apply a return to any Online Learning Center purchases.