High Self Esteem = Success

  • Self Responsibility
  • self acceptance
  • Living Consciously
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Living Purposefully
  • Being Self assertive
High Self Esteem

Self Esteem Boston Educational Institute (Self Esteem Boston) provides a unique, psycho-educational program for clients of community agency programs in greater Boston and the Pioneer Valley, and we provide staff and organizational development programs for agencies that provide services for at-risk clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Self Esteem Boston is the only agency in Massachusetts whose sole purpose is self-esteem education.

Self reliance, self motivation, positive thoughts, overcoming challenges and developing life skills all grow out of building strong self esteem.Self Esteem Boston’s primary purpose is to teach self-esteem skills to the homeless, substance abusers, victims of domestic violence, individuals transitioning out of the criminal justice system, and the unemployed. What makes us different from other agencies is our hundreds of collaborations with those who provide workforce development programs to these populations. Our professional development courses are essentially training providers whose goal is to upgrade the skills of people to become socially and economically successful.

The teaching staff at Self Esteem Boston uses a self esteem based approach to training which encourages self-discovery.  Our interactive workshops combine exciting presentations by our expert staff with experiential activities and discussion to engage workshop participants in cooperative learning. 


Participants who successfully complete the program will increase the skills
for over 80% of their clients or employees in:

  • Making good decisions
  • Avoiding negative behaviors
  • Managing anger and stress
  • Maintaining good health practices
  • Developing personal and career goals
  • Setting priorities in life
  • Communicating effectively and good listening skills
  • Building confidence
  • Working with people in positions of authority
  • Working cooperatively with others
  • Developing a network of support
  • Becoming an effective advocate for one’s self
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Developing & maintaining positive relationships
  • Developing self-respect and self-worth
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