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STAFF TRAINING PROGRAMS for Community Agencies

It’s a Fact:

Clients who believe in themselves and their own self worth are more likely to succeed. Employees and staff who feel valued are more likely to enjoy their work and go the extra mile for their clients.

High self-esteem means success for your agency, organization, or institution.

Self Esteem Boston is a Community Service Training Provider, with 100% of the proceeds of our programs subsidizing programs for women in shelters and transitional programs in the Boston Region. We use a skill based approach to education that encourages self-discovery and awareness. Choose from more than 50 topics for clients in group settings and/or staff professional development.

We will bring staff training programs or direct client services directly to your agency, organization, or institution; or choose from a choice of venues including Charles River Retreats.

All of our programs are based on the idea that self-esteem influences all aspects of our lives.
How we think about ourselves determines how we think about others.
You can design a program that best suits your staff needs from our 48 module Skills for Success catalog.

Current Offerings

Professional Development Programs

Created on the model of “Skills for Success,” our professional develoment training programs can be adapted for the particular needs of your organization. We offer staff development programs from a self-esteem foundation. Our programs are important self-development for professionals, as well as hands on tools for their service populations. Building staff strength from a self-esteem foundation can positively affect your organization’s bottom line, and increase job satisfaction and retention—which increases workforce productivity. Increased employee self esteem can diminish situations that can hamper a workforce; build skills to foster better communication, and leadership development in organizations. Furthermore, these skills have been identified in countless studies as the leading skills companies seek in their workforce. One extra added benefit for employers in training workers to build their skills in these important areas, is that your employees will feel great about themselves and their ability to make healthy choices in their lives, resulting in a healthy workforce—another cost saving measure.

Choose Your Venue:
We can deliver programs directly at your workplace, in an off-site facility, or on the Charles Riverboat.

Staff Retreats on the Charles River

Appreciate your staff by planning affordable professional development programs on the relaxing Charles River!  Charter an entire retreat program for your group of up to 50 people. A great company outing idea.

Our Charles River Retreats are facilitated by expert trainers and depart from the Cambridgeside Galleria.

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Charles River

Continuing Education Programs for Staff

This program address two levels of community need: First, the need for self-esteem-based life skills education for women and men in difficult periods of life transitions; and second, the need for well-trained providers of this education. Numerous studies have documented the importance of self-esteem in such areas as school achievement, crime and violence, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and other negative societal behaviors. In order to transition successfully from addiction or homelessness to self-sufficiency (economic, emotional, etc), or to recover from domestic violence, for example, a person needs some crucial skills. The foundation for these skills, however, must be a belief in his or her own competence and self-worth, as well as a sense of responsibility toward himself or herself and toward others. At the same time, we are addressing the need of other organizations to build capacity, by providing their group leaders with needed training in adult learning principles, group facilitation and self-esteem education.

These programs replicate the programs of Self Esteem Boston Educational Institute and build the capacity of community agency programs and nonprofit organizations by training their staffs in self-esteem principles and practices, and how to run effective groups using the self-esteem philosophy. Our current programs include:

• Level 1: Self-Esteem Principles and Practices
• Level 2: Coaching Clients to Move Forward: Why Self Esteem Matters (Prerequisite SEPP or FQP-1)
• Group Leader Training

* For these programs, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded to teachers, social workers, licensed mental health counselors and drug and alcohol counselors.

You're Worth It

Job Readiness Program for Women in Transitional Programs

This six-hour program build’s women’s confidence, assertiveness, leadership, integrity and interpersonal skills using a strength-based approach; preparing women to bridge the gap from shelters and transitional programs to education/training and the job search process. 

* Ask about the New Real Financial Literacy Program This 10-hour program, delivered in collaboration with The WAGE Project, is comprised of confidence-building and the skills necessary to prepare job-seeking women and men to develop self-confidence, traditional financial literacy in budgeting and money management, and hard skill training in salary determination and negotiation. What set’s this project apart from other programs are all its unique components.

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