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All Self Esteem Boston programs are based on the idea that self-esteem influences all aspect of our lives.

How we think about ourselves determines how we think about others.

Design a program that best suits your staff needs.

Our programs include:

Leadership Development, Employment Development, Training and Education for Staff, Continuing Education Courses and Facilitator Training.

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Self Esteem Principles and Practices

Coaching Clients to Move Forward: Why Self-Esteem Matters

You’re Worth It Curriculum Leaders Training

Manage You’re Stress Because You’re Worth It

Skills for Success Facilitator Qualification Program

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Curriculum Includes:

You’re Worth It Training

Keeping it Real: Self-Esteem, Nutrition, Wellness Staff EducationTraining

Manage Your Stress Because You’re Worth It Training.

Self Esteem Principles and Practices

You’re Worth It Facilitator Training (Fall 2021)


(Prerequisite FQP) 1 Half Day (3-Hour) Session $159 per person September 29, 2021, 1-4pm (Minimum 10/Maximum 23) This 3-hour intensive training will train staff to facilitate this six-hour program designed […]

Self Esteem Principles & Practices (Fall 2021)

(2) Half Day Sessions $249 per person Part 1: Friday October 1, 2021, 1:00-5:00pm Part 2: Friday October 8, 2021, 1:00-5:00pm (Minimum 10/ Maximum 23) This 8-hour intensive training will […]

Staff and Board 2022 Summer Retreats on the Charles River

Our staff and board retreats are held on a boat that travels Greater Boston’s beautiful Charles River. These are open to any organization who wishes to provide a unique and fun opportunity for staff, board member learning, team-building, professional development, and engagement.

  • Our Charles River Retreats depart from the Cambridge-side Galleria and are facilitated by expert trainers who facilitate on-boat training, exercises, and activities that will get everyone on your staff, team, or board participating. This bonding opportunity leads to stronger, more collaborative, more productive, and more engaged teams and boards.
  •  Show your team how much you appreciate them by planning affordable professional development programs on the relaxing Charles River! Charter and entire retreat program for your group of up to 50 people. A great company outing idea for spring, summer or early fall.


State Training List PRF61 – Self Esteem Boston is a state-approved vendor for state agency training, but we’ve also had many non-state-agency teams attend our board and staff retreats on the Charles River. Examples of organizations who have attended or whom we believe would benefit greatly from our river retreats include, but are not limited to: head start and other childcare professional development programs, organizations responsible for teachers’ professional development, and fellow non-profit organizations,

You can view a list of possible retreat courses/topics, but we can also customize a program that meets your board’s or team’s specific team bonding, team building, and professional development needs.

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Charles River

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